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With over 25 years experience in journalism, PR and marketing with global brands, 9016 is all about delivering high quality, innovative and timeless communication that you will always be proud of.

Getting maximum value from any promotional budget is key, especially now. Grand event gestures are out, quality ongoing coverage is in. This has been 9016's specialism since the business was established in 2001.

Just as importantly, jargon, the latest buzzwords, acronyms and ‘in’ expressions are consciously avoided, because these can alienate parts of your potential audience and become dated very quickly.


It's all about listening, collaborating, thinking beyond the obvious; being creative, flexible and down to earth to deliver transparent communication in plain, engaging language.

With the experience and commitment to deliver the highest standards, 9016 ensures your target audience sees the true excellence in your business, products and services.

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9016 is proud to sponsor Montrose FC Women

Scottish Women’s Premier League 2023/24

Core values

Core values

Always be:

\\ Early

\\ Honest

\\ Reliable

\\ Different

\\ Proactive

\\ Grounded

\\ Committed

\\ Professional

\\ Approachable

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“9016 has collaborated on many European and global media projects with me, working very well both individually and as part of a team. In our business it is vital to build and maintain high quality relationships with staff at all levels, clients, end users and media outlets, all of whom are always busy. Robin achieves this with patience, good humour and honest, down-to-earth integrity.”

Karl Christmas, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH.

"You can always count on a great writer. Robin understands exactly what the client wants and weaves a story which resonates with the target audience, even when he is given minimal information in a briefing from a non-native English speaker like myself."
Atsushi 'Ascot' Kitagawa, Yamaha Corporation of Japan.

“Besides being a great writer, you can always count on Robin to be very reliable and thorough. My marketing colleagues and I enjoy his style of writing and the way he is able to adjust according to the target group and channel. His work is always creative, yet also to the point, which is quite an accomplishment when confined within the omnipresent restrictive word count. Overall he is a great person to be around, and we’re very happy to have him on our team.”

Stefan Trowbridge, Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.


“Working with Robin is a pleasure, as we share the same values and beliefs around hard work and dedication to grassroots PR. It’s never about him; it’s always about working for the benefit of the client and the media we treasure. It’s this kind of work ethic - not to mention an impressive quality of work around writing, pitching and placing compelling stories - that still brings optimal results. Simply put, Robin gets it.”

Brian Galante, Dimension PR, Maine.

"Fantastic! Thank you for the great work and your patience too!  Everybody is really pleased with the process and end result, so please know your efforts and talent are greatly appreciated!"

Jeff McQueen, Yamaha Corporation of America.

“Your piece is fabulous - nothing like the cookie cutter type of write up that one so often sees.”

Dave Brull, Rialto Theater, Loveland, Colorado.


“Robin has commissioned photography and videography from Jotolio for over 20 years. He has the communication skills to explain his clients’ needs clearly and the creative vision to see interesting opportunities, but is always prepared to listen to ideas and work together to deliver the best end product. He is enthusiastic, approachable and always willing to help, including lugging equipment up stairs and across fields!”

Diana Muzzall, Jotolio, Aberdeenshire.

“What a great article!”

Pam Skinner. Executive Producer, Sonia Friedman Productions, London.

“Robin is very, very good.”

Dave Robinson, Publisher, 52 Publications Ltd, London.

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